Convert your paper notes into reMarkable 2

Convert your paper notes into reMarkable 2

January 9, 2021 0 By admin

The weight of the new model is slightly heavier at 0.89 pounds (about twice the standard yellow legal pad), but this is an acceptable weight, making the new model feel stronger in grip and knees during use.

reMarkable 2 also significantly improves the actual electronic ink board composition experience. While the size of the second generation 10.3-inch Canvas is similar to the purpose of the first model, the DPI is 226 DPI, but the board itself is currently covered with real glass (instead of plexiglass) to make it mold It’s more difficult and won’t bend a lot of things under the pen.

Slowness has also been reduced almost to a great extent: reMarkable 2 provides 21ms of sleep-sleep power, solving the main problem of the first model. This is a huge improvement, making writing on reMarkable almost as fast as with regular pen and paper. It’s not exactly as low as Apple or Samsung’s directions and tablets can reach, but unless you consider them side by side, you won’t mind reMarkable’s idle state.

The second-generation digital tablet also reduces the gap between the presentation and the E-ink layer beneath, further realizing your dream of the true ink composition. However, there is still no backlight and it feels like a strange young method on Anime Sprout

reMarkable 2 actually retains the best special effects of the prototype: the finished composition surface is mixed with a special pen to recreate the material impression of the composition with real pen and paper. When composing the photo, you can really hear the pen scratching constantly – this dry, loud sound can be recreated with a Sharpie or Wellspring pen. (In a practical sense this implies “constant scratching” – as with the original model, the tip will wear for a long time and must be replaced.) The compression factor of the new pen is twice that of the tip. The first model has a compaction coefficient of 4096 degrees.