Pakistani Man successfully runs car on animal fat.

Pakistani Man successfully runs car on animal fat. You have always Heard Pakistan  is a heaven  of Talented People, here Let us show you one of them : Muhammad Akhtar, a Resident of Taxila, reached Lahore by Driving a car that he claims was Running Purely on Animal Fat.

Claiming to have successfully made the world’s First car to Ran on Animal Fat, Mohammad Akhtar said that the Car’s Engine has been attached to a mechanical Fat System.

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A Small Tank has been installed with the Engine for Storing the Fat, through which the Engine Melts  the Fat and Pulls it toward itself.

Mohammad Akhtar claimed that if the Government assists him, he can Build an Engine Fully Powered by Fat , which is Available at Rs.60 per kg while Petrol is much more Expensive.

He has Written a Letter  to Government Officials but he has not heard back Since. He said that after 11 #Years of Research, he has succeeded in making the World’s 🌍 First Fan Run car.

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Pakistani Man successfully runs car on animal fat.