Aamir Khan called Pm Modi 'anti-Indian'.

Aamir Khan called Pm Modi ‘anti-Indian’.

Aamir Khan called Pm Modi ‘anti-Indian’. A 2005 video interview of renowned Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has resurfaced on social media. And although the star may be mum about Modi’s regime like the rest of the Khans in the current time, he clearly wasn’t as laid-back then.

In the video he starts off by saying, “When I was growing up I realised that there is a lot of poison that can be spread in people’s minds. For example, the case of what happened in Gujrat was really appalling.”

He then explained how people were killed or “punishment” by a leader according to whom Indians are divided by their religions.

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He adds, “I mean they were Indians who were killed over there. It’s completely irrelevant as to whether they were Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Parsis or Sikhs. There were Indians being killed! And in my opinion, people who indulge in these kind of things, are the most unpatriotic.”

He then went on to call Modi “Anti-Indian” and said that it was because of a regime like his that damaged the idea of a healthy society. Asked if it was damaging the idea of being an Indian too, he responded saying, “No, it damaged the idea of humanity to begin with.”

Not only that, Khan also pointed out how nothing was being done about it then and how people were not raising their voice. However he added, “There are some who are trying their best and regardless of what happens, I have faith.”

To this the interviewer asked him, “You have faith in the system?”

“No,” responded Khan, “I have faith in the people of India.”

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