I dont want to have daughter, its a big responsibility say Humaima Malick

I dont want to have daughter, its a big responsibility say Humaima Malick. Actress Humaima Malick appeared in a TV show where she made a shocking statement. She said she doesn’t want to have a daughter since it’s a huge responsibility and she will be over-possessive about her.

‘Bol’ actor revealed that she would prefer having a son rather than a daughter when the time comes. “I don’t want to have a daughter. The reason for it is that it will be a huge responsibility on my shoulders. They are indeed a blessing but also a great responsibility. I am so possessive about my sister. I can’t even imagine what I would be like with my daughter. If I have a daughter I won’t be able to let go of her, I know this about myself,” she said.

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While talking about the ideal match she jokingly said, “He should be fair, tall, handsome, rich, must have a nice car, blue eyes and a blue dress”. However, in reality, she said she wants a husband like her father.

“Like my father supported my mother , I want someone who do the same for me. Like my father respected my mother, I want my husband to respect me. He have to keep my journey and history into consideration and build me up, even more, both on an emotional and mental level,” she said.

Humaima’s marriage to Shamoon Abbasi

Humaima was once married to actor Shamoon Abbasi in the year 2010. But, after two years of their marriage, they got separated. She once said in an interview that it was during her debut film ‘Bol’ when Shamoon divorced her.

She said divorce made her stronger and she is thankful to God for blessing her in disguise as her career peaked after the huge success of Bol.

On the other hand, Shamoon indirectly pointed out why he left Humaima and shared reasons for their divorce. “A man gets married because he wants to give his time to a woman and give his name to her. But if that woman doesn’t respect that, this thing hurt the man. When a man is hurt he doesn’t cry in the corner but it all comes in the form of anger. He comes aggressively and this reaction of him is considered bad in our society”.

Humaima once revealed that Shamoon physically abused her which became the reason for their divorce. However, Shamoon denied all the allegations. According to Shamoon, if a woman doesn’t care about the respect of her husband then a man reacts in an aggressive manner.

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I dont want to have daughter, its a big responsibility say Humaima Malick