Watch lyrical meaning of THEME SONG OF ERTUGRUL

Watch lyrical meaning of THEME SONG OF ERTUGRUL . As soon as people find about the show, the drama attracts more audience from Pakistan. People love everything related to Ertugrul, the characters, their lives, things revolving around it. Surely, everyone loves the title-track of the show as much as the show itself.

Ertugrul’s title-track and theme song, so melodious, holds a much more powerful message than what we hear. The lyrics of the theme song are so powerful and chilling, that every Muslim needs to see them. Just as a lot of us don’t understand Arabic in the Holy Quran, the same way, anything that isn’t Urdu or English tends to be missed out as well.

For you, we’ve jotted down the lyrics of Ertugrul’s theme song.
After the starting music, the lyrics say:

“Allah is Life. Allah is Truth. O nation, beware of tricks, prepare the horses! The Glory of Allah calls us! We will go into the Sea, and we will raise the flag of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”

“Allah is Life. Allah is Truth. We will play the right of our Flag. We will bring the name of Allah to this World. Seek your goal, don’t leave! Strive and prepare the Weapons! You will be glorified in Heaven!”

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