Pakistani Wife Throws Acid On Husband.

Pakistani Wife Throws Acid On Husband.

Pakistani Wife Throws Acid On Husband.  In all the relations of the world, the relation between husband and wife is unmatchable. Both revealed and non-revealed religions portray about the significance of this mighty relation. However, the cordiality between husband and wife at a time surmounts peak, which negatively leads to certain vicious things. Recently, a wife has thrown acid on her husband because he said that he will do another marriage.

The wife owing to her sheer love for her husband could not control her feelings and threw acid on her husband. A private news channel (Samaa) reported the incident.

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However, it was discovered that the husband was joking with his wife. In jest, the ill-fated husband told his wife that he is going for a second wedding. Following this, without any rationality, the wife could not bear that and threw acid on his husband’s face.

After knowing that the husband was only jesting, the wife became sad. However, the husband says, he doesn’t care about the acid and he forgave his other half.

The acts of acid throwing is a crime and can lead to lethal injuries. In the developing world especially, India, certain elements use acid to blackmail or suppress women. As per reports, most acid attacks incidents occurred in India.

Acid throwing is one of the most barbaric acts of violence used against men and women. In the annals of barbaric kinds of violence, acid throwing was applied against women. However, in this case, it is the opposite.

The husband has been so drenched in love his wife that he said that he can give his life to his wife let alone her acid throwing on his face. This showcases, how kind-hearted the man is. Unlike those men who can go to any extent in suppressing their wives, the kind-hearted victim of acid throwing forgave his wife.

To conclude, although the husband forgave his wife, the act is not justified. It is high time that action should be taken against the plight of acid throwing. Hopefully, people will not follow such a couple as acid throwing is one of the worst forms of domestic violence.

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