Adnan Siddiqui Apologizes To Sarfaraz Ahmed For Mocking Him.

Adnan Siddiqui Apologizes To Sarfaraz Ahmed For Mocking Him.

Adnan Siddiqui Apologizes To Sarfaraz Ahmed For Mocking Him. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, Fahad Mustafa’s ”Jeeto Pakistan” is soaring high in this Ramadan season as well. The viewers are even appreciating the new format of the show as the necessary precautionary measures are being followed.

With celebrity captains backing their teams for the win, earlier this week, Adnan Siddiqui got a bit out of his limits. In the flow, the actor made fun of former Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed’s speech and it was wrong on so many levels. After facing backlash from Sarfraz’s fans and admirers, Adnan Siddiqui realized and decided to apologize during the live show.

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Adnan Siddiqui realizing his mistake

Indeed, it is never fine in the first place to mock someone that too in front of the camera and then laugh about it. It seems like in the last few weeks, Pakistani TV celebrities have lost their sense of respect for fellow artists. At first, it was mindless and insensitive Aamir Liaquat making fun of Bollywood’s Irrfan Khan’s death and now Adnan Siddiqui’s shocking attitude.

Still in a joking, both the actors then shared a good laugh. Seeing them both, Sarfaraz Ahmed picked his mic and pointed towards Adnan Siddiqui and stated that he doesn’t need to say anything. Not backing down, Siddiqui then asked about the camera at which he needed to apologize to Sarfaraz Ahmed for his earlier behavior.

Sarfaraz Ahmed respecting Adnan Siddiqui

Out of respect, Fahad Mustafa responded, ”You are mine and Sarfaraz’s senior. So even if you slap us live, we will not mind it at all. We apologize to you that people talked that way about you.” Being overwhelmed by the statement, Adnan Siddiqui still insisted on taking it out and apologize on the live show.

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