Nose job of Zahid Ahmed horribly gone wrong.

Nose job of Zahid Ahmed horribly gone wrong.

April 28, 2020 0 By admin

Nose job of Zahid Ahmed horribly gone wrong. While men might shy away from admitting they’ve been under the knife, there’s no getting away with a botched procedure. And then there’s actor Zahid Ahmed, who recently spilled the details regarding what happened to his own nose.

Pakistani actor Zahid Ahmed is known for taking on challenging roles, ever since his debut in Alvida. He has promised his fans to take on thought-provoking and versatile roles.

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The artist has also been transparent about his life before the stardom. Around a year ago, when an old picture of the actor surfaced, we saw a different balding man, who wasn’t half the hero Zahid is today.

That’s when Zahid Ahmed told his fans and followers his story from marketing director to TV star. Like many other actors, Zahid Ahmed has come a long way in terms of his looks. He’s willing to admit that it wasn’t all hard work and eating right that contributed to his good looks. He did have some cosmetic help along the way.

Zahid Hamid and the mystery behind his nose

This is the story of how he got his new nose. The Besharam actor even had a sense of humor about the ordeal.

Before we go further, lets take a look at Hamid’s looks over the course of his last two dramas Ishq Zahey Naseeb and Mein Na Janoo. Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed that Zahid ‘s nose looks different in these two photos.

Zahid Ahmed

his thoughts on his nose job experience