MAHIRA KHAN revealed she is FINALLY IN LOVE AGAIN. Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan in a recent video interview with Samina Pirzada has revealed that she is in love again. However, she refused to reveal the name of her boyfriend.

Mahira appeared as a guest via a video link on ‘Rewind With Samina Peerzada’. She shared a lot of things including staying at home after a long period and some big news from her love life as well.

“This is a good time I have to deal with my demons, fight them. I used to stay busy and kept working to avoid my real life,” says Mahira. Now she said she has to be at home due to the lockdown and deal with her real life. She, however, also said that she is enjoying her time with parent and her son Azlan.

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Mahira is a workaholic and acting is an escape from her real life. She also revealed that she started crying while watching Mrs. Doubtfire with Azlan. While watching the movie there was a scene of a couple getting divorced and Azlan started asking her questions because he finds it relatable to his life.

When asked about her love life, Mahira said, “Yes I think I’m in love. I can’t reveal that name but he isn’t from the industry,” she said. “This is one thing I want to protect with my life,” she added.

She was also very excited about the news of Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai’s marriage. Mahira felt that they both looked very cute together.

However, for now, Mahira is finding solace in books and her family these days in quarantine. She feels that she is not being very productive during lockdown though.

After the success of drama serial Humsafar, problems started in Mahira’s personal life. It was the end of 2012 when Mahira got divorced from husband Ali Askari. However, she never revealed the reason that led to her divorce in the media.

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