Mehwish Hayat bashed India for using covid-19 against Muslims.

Mehwish Hayat bashed India for using covid-19 against Muslims. Mehwish Hayat is known for speaking her mind whenever she comes across an injustice, be it anywhere in the world. In a recent tweet the Punjab Nahi Jaungi star called out the latest wave of xenophobia in India against Muslims, stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

The actor shared an article about coronavirus conspiracy theories arising in India that target Muslims. Alongside the article, she talked about how the world is uniting in its fight against the pandemic, while in India it is being used to fuel bigotry.

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Mehwish has been really vocal about people keeping their humanity intact amid the coronavirus crisis. The Load Wedding star recently uploaded a video on social media urging people to donate to the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s COVID19 relief fund.

The actor said that the country is facing a big challenge and “how we behave right now, will decide our fate for generations to come.” She started off by emphasising that even the most efficient healthcare systems of the world have submitted in front of the prevailing pandemic.

“What chances do we have then? In a place like Karachi where 20 million people reside, the intensive care wards have only 600 beds. Pakistan’s population is 220 million and the number of ventilators across the country? 1700. Last week there were only 15000 masks for doctors and nurses,” she added.

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Mehwish Hayat bashed India for using covid-19 against Muslims.