Sonya Hussyn Is Getting Criticized for Wasting Masks.

Sonya Hussyn Is Getting Criticized for Wasting Masks.

Sonya Hussyn Is Getting Criticized for Wasting Masks.  here you see this picture of Sonya Hussyn with her dog.

“Hello pals, As you can see me and Sonya observing social distancing. I want you all to please do the same. Wear face mask, stay clean and stay indoors. Happy quarantine. ”

sonya hussyn

Here’s what’s wrong here

First of all, if you are staying indoors, you don’t need a mask. Second of all, if you are not sick, you don’t need a mask. And third of all, the pet dog clearly does not need a mask because he can’t be infected with the virus.

In conclusion, if you are doing any of these or if you fit in all of the above pointers, you are not helping the country at all. In fact, you are just wasting the limited resources. And this also applies to all those enterprising souls who have been stocking up on masks, including the N95.

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This was quite disappointing and tone-deaf of Sonya Hussyn though. The most disturbing part of her post was the ‘happy quarantine’ remark, which comes off as quite cavalier and entitled.

Pakistan is going through a very critical situation right now. We don’t have enough resources and the numbers of infected are increasing rapidly. Plus the economy is not doing well either. So basically, quarantine is not something to celebrate. It is more serious than you think it is.

here is the angry reaction of people on this pic

sonya hussyn

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