Jeremy McLellan Trolls Bol TV Over Fake News

Jeremy McLellan Trolls Bol TV Over Fake News.

Jeremy McLellan Trolls Bol TV Over Fake News . one more rumor arises about what Italian people were singing while in quarantine. Comedian Jeremy McLellan as a fun said that they’re singing Pakistani national anthem, and one TV network in Pakistan took it for real news.

But Jeremy,  the  best comedian come night or day, decided to have more fun with the whole thing. He trolled the propagator of such news, Bol News.

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The Italian Connection

Italians showed us what community spirit looks like as they power through the Corona quarantine with songs from their rooftops.

Simultaneously, there have been so many rumors and fake videos going around regarding the songs they’re singing.

Now Bol News is spreading fake news that in one video Italians are singing Pakistan’s national anthem. Their source? A video shared by Jeremy McLellan. When you know the man’s a comedian, people who are smart enough should know when its a joke.

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Jeremy McLellan Trolls Bol TV Over Fake News