Saudi Arabia to not shut shops during prayer times.

Saudi Arabia to not shut shops during prayer times.

Saudi Arabia to not shut shops during prayer times. Saudi Arabia allows businesses to no shut during prayer times and function the whole day!

Certainly, the Kingdom’s future plans for the country will surely benefit the economy with tourists arriving. However, last year, Saudi Arabia granted first permanent residency to foreigners as it was strictly not allowed previously. Among the series of developments, recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave out permission to not shut businesses during the five times prayer.

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Saudi Arabia has always been the focus of debate because of its termination of businesses five times a day. According to international media reports, announced by the Kingdom, the shop owners are now allowed to function 24 hours daily. Apparently, the decision is taken to contain stability and a promising boost in businesses across the country in order to solve various issues.

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”There is no genuine reason for closing shops for prayer after applying the bylaws of the authority!”
On the latest development, Dr. Al Gaith who is a member of Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council expressed his concerns. Particularly, the official stated, ”There is no legal base for closing shops for prayer after amending the bylaws of the authority, noting that forcing shops to close their doors and people to pray right at the beginning of prayer time, and to do this in a mosque, stands no ground either in Shariah nor in-law”.

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