People are showing hate towards Ali Xeeshan’s Honeymoon pictures.

People are showing hate towards Ali Xeeshan’s Honeymoon pictures.

People are showing hate towards Ali Xeeshan’s Honeymoon pictures.

People are showing hate towards Ali Xeeshan’s Honeymoon pictures. Apparently, 2019 has been a year of celebrity weddings for Pakistan and similar news still keeps coming in. Among other fallen husbands this year, famous Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan also married his love Myra Khan back in November. Anyways, as of now, Ali Xeeshan is in London with his wife on their honeymoon but the pictures are going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan’s ‘intimate’ honeymoon pictures are gathering hate online!

Since the wedding bells are still ringing above Pakistan, recently, Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain made some revelations. Last week, social media was on its edges as the celebrity couple Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain revealed their beautiful and witty wedding card. Well, recently, people have started finding the ‘haya factor’ in the intimate and viral honeymoon pictures of Ali Xeeshan with his wife.

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Check out what Myra Khan posted on her Instagram from London!

Ali zeeshan honeymoon


Initially posted by the wifey Myra Khan on her official Instagram, the ‘robe’ picture is the one getting all the criticizing comments. Apparently, the couple is seen in a carefree mood, wearing long robes, standing in front of a serenading view in a London suite. Posted with the caption “Main our Mera Dost” by Myra Khan, the couple is sure having a great time on their honeymoon.

People reacting to Ali Xeeshan and Myra Khan’s honeymoon snaps!

Well, it’s not just one picture but several others are also circulating on the internet triggering many ‘poking’ minds. Certainly, this isn’t the first time the nation has shown disapproval of other’s choice of living and freedom of wearing. However, while a handful of digital judges went awestruck by the adorable snaps, many used foul language to keep their concerns ahead.

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ali zeeshan honeymoon pics


Eventually, it seems like the Pakistani nation can leave anything but can’t stop poking their noses in someone else’s matters. Back in November, Ali Xeeshan and Myra Khan’s wedding pictures caught many eyeballs but in a well-wishing way.

as of now, there’s no confirmed date revealed regarding the couple’s return to Pakistan after their London trip. However, last month, actress Mira Sethi also tied the knot and her super simple wedding ceremony was appreciated by many. Well, we wish the best of luck to the designer couple Ali Xeeshan and Myra Khan for their future endeavors together.

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