Tiktok star Hareem Shah harassed at public event – #MeToo

Tiktok star Hareem Shah harassed at public event – #MeToo

December 11, 2019 0 By admin

Tiktok star Hareem Shah harassed at public event – #MeToo

Hareem Shah came into the limelight after her TikTok video from inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made headlines. She ruffled quite a few feathers on Tiktok and in real life too.

Recently, the now TikTok sensation posted the video with the hashtag #MeToo, claiming that she was mobbed and touched inappropriately at a public event.

“I attended an event where hundreds of my fans mobbed me. One of them touched me in a bad manner .” She said, with the proof of  video showing her surrounded by many men, wanting to take pictures with her. While doing so, some of them also could be clearly seen groping her while she is seen politely resisting.

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Shah went onto rhetorically question, “Kesy kesy besharam log hain iss dunya mein..(what kind of shameless people are there in this world).” The video also shows a man who suddenly holds her arm after which she removes his hand and moves forward.

In the earlier video, Shah was be seen roaming inside the conference room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which propelled an official inquiry into the matter. According to details, the probe was supposed to determine who allowed her into the office building and let her record the video in the first place.

The video stirred quite a controversy, to say the least, with many criticising it strongly.

“I am a big Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporter myself and have been affiliated with the party.

Further adding how she received permission to get in. “Yeah, I go to the office after geeting permission. If it was against rules and regulations, they should not have allowed me to make the video.”

Hareem added, “I also go to the National Assembly. I had a pass, got my entry there respectively. No security has ever stopped me; I’ve never had any obstacle. No one has helped me; I got in on my own.”

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