Ukhano wins sexual harassment case according to legal report.

Ukhano wins sexual harassment case according to legal report.

BREAKING : Famous youtuber ukhano , who has Allegedly Accused for S*xual Harassment in mid-july this year, has uploaded a video Documentary on his YouTube channel.

In this video the youtuber Filmed an Evidence Based and in-Depth investigation Report narrated by his Lawyer Samaviya Sajjah.

The Lawyer clearly stated that the Accuser, named Tr. Isha, (Real name Esha), is Believed to have instigated the uproar against ukhano in social media, using a Fake account and name to Deliberately Harm the image of the Famous Youtuber.

Eye-witnesses and previous victims were also Featured in the documentary, where they Exposed Isha’s Dirty tricks to Defame men.

The Lawyer Samaviya also tells the viewers that another accuser named Afrah, who later found out to have another identity as “Dua”, had  No ❌ Real evidences to support her vague statement that she passed on Isha’s post, defaming ukhano. In fact, Dua Asif’s 19 pictures were submitted to FIA by the vlogger, which she has sent him at different occasions. Sajjah informed that the pictures were not appropriate to be shown in video.

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Despite the fact that there were no evidences against the accused influencer, a social media Platform, Mangoobaz Published an article with Uninvestigated claims, further Damaging the Reputation of ukhano, said Sajjah.


Amid the chaos, many Youtubers came up, some of them supported ukhano and few including Raza samoo posted One_Sided story, which he later asked apologies for. In this documentary the falsely accused youtuber tried to bring it infront of his viewers as well.

Assistant Director FIA cybercrime, Asif Iqbal appraised that the Percentage of social media crimes has been #Rising in Pakistan 🇵🇰 since 2007, most of the time people are involved in Defaming each other. Iqbal further assured that they are currently very active with complains like these and are enforcing cybercrime act 2016. According to which, If someone tries to Defame an individual on social media and the complaint is made, the cybercrime Personnel will lodge FIR against the false accuser and evidence based inquiries will be done. Whereas, Posting Objectionable content will Lead to 7 Years imprisonment according to section 21.

He further Encouraged the viewers to File their complaints in FIA regarding any cyber crime. Ukhano, then himself confirmed that he has lodged FIRs against the false allegations against him to preserve his reputation. He Advised his followers not to use social media Platforms to Defame eachother, Rather opt for a #Legal way to get justice, as the Vlogger himself did.

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