Midway full movie 2019 – full of action & thrill.

Midway full movie 2019 – full of action & thrill.

US soldiers and pilots change the course of World War II during the Battle of Midway in June 1942. The US and Imperial Japanese naval forces fought for four days.

MIDWAY centers on the Battle of Midway, a clash between the American fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy which marked a pivotal turning point in the Pacific Theater during WWII.

The film, based on the real-life events of this heroic feat, tells the story of the leaders and soldiers who used their instincts, fortitude and bravery to overcome the odds.

Midway full movie cast

The star cast of the movie includes Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans, Aaron Eckhart, Nick Jonas,

Etsushi Toyokawa, Tadanobu Asano, Luke Kleintank, Jun Kunimura, Darren Criss, Keean Johnson,

Alexander Ludwig, with Mandy Moore, Dennis Quaid and Woody Harrelson.

Director : Roland Emmerich

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Midway full movie budget

The budget of the movie is quite heavy and it cost 59.5 million USD.

but it is to be believed that this movie will earn alot more than this.

Midway full movie ratings/review

This movie got some decent ratings from different social media platforms

IMDB 7 / 10

Rotten tomatoes 3 / 5

MetaCritic 75 %

You guys also share your views after watching the movie in comments section.


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