Mehwish Hayat will play Benazir Bhutto in her next film.

Mehwish Hayat will play Benazir Bhutto in her next film.

Mehwish Hayat will play Benazir Bhutto in her next film.

Punjab Nahi Jaungi star Mehwish Hayat told BBC Urdu that she’s set to essay the late Benazir Bhutto in an upcoming biopic.

The Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient opened up about her admiration for Pakistan’s former prime minister and the first female head of government in a Islamic country.

“I loved Benazir Bhutto! She was the first female prime minister of Pakistan. That’s such a great thing! People need to see and know more about her.”

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On the importance of a biopic on national figures, Mehwish Hayat stressed the need to use mediums the current generation is fond of for a history lesson. There are plenty of biographies on the iconic prime minister Benazir Bhutto but not a single film.

“Things are written in books and people do read them. But the film is another medium altogether. Our generation needs to know more about Benazir.”

On the subject of preparing for such a difficult role, Mehwish Hayat revealed that she has been reading up on Benazir. Back in January 2018, a media outlet had suggested that the actress essay Benazir Bhutto in a biopic. That dream is finally coming true.

“The more I read about her, the more I am inspired but I also get sad. We lost a great leader,”

Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Controversy
In the same interview, the Load Wedding starlet also addressed the controversy surrounding her Tamgha-e-Imtiaz win. She opened up about her decades-long journey to that hard-earned win.

“The size of your mentality and your mind matters. Your mind should be big enough to fit both my Tamgha-e-Imtiaz and the song Billi.”

Mehwish Hayat will play Benazir Bhutto in her next film.

Further asserting her patriotism, the actress spoke about the non-probability of her being ever cast in Bollywood. She has being vociferously vocal in her opinions about the portrayal of Muslims in American as well as Indian media. She said that she hasn’t been quiet about her opinions from the beginning. It’s just that under the current circumstances, people are finally starting to notice.

“I’d rather speak the truth and not get cast in their films, … “This is not something that I’ve said right now. I’ve been saying this all along. Maybe because of the current crisis, this has amplified so much. But it has been my stance since day one!”

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