Indian Army cheif said "we will win next war against Pakistan with new weapons.

Indian Army cheif said “we will win next war against Pakistan with new weapons.

Indian Army cheif said “we will win next war against Pakistan with new weapons.

Indian 🇮🇳 Army Chief Bipin Rawat in another Belligerent statement has said India will Fight and Win the Next war  with indigenous weapons, Reported the Hindustan Times.

Rawat, along with India’s National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval, said the inclusion of indigenous technology in Indian armed forces will give India an edge over its adversaries, a reference to Arch Rival Pakistan  & China

The Indian Air Force suffered a humiliating Defeat on February 27 when 2 of its fighters were Shot  Down by the Pakistan Air Force with no Loss of Friendly aircraft. A day before, the IAF had carried out the botched Balakot strike with Israeli 🇮🇱 Manufactured Precision weapons.

Earlier, the Indian army chief Threatened military action to Occupy Azad Jammu & Kashmir. He claimed that the Indian army was ready to occupy AJK & was just waiting for a Go-ahead from Narendra Modi’s Gov’t.

Next matter on the Indian army’s agenda was to Take over AJK & making it a Part of India, said Rawat Belligerently. The Gov’t takes actions in such matters. The institutions of the country will work as per the orders of the Government. The Army is always Ready.

We have to make a hard assessment of what we need to give us an edge over our adversaries, he said. There is no trophy for the runner up. Either you are Better than your adversaries or you are not there at all.

The Indian armed forces have Suffered from chronic maintenance and supply shortages. Earlier this year, the Indian Army had expressed concerns over faulty and Poor Quality ammunition it has received by the state-owned Ordnance Factory Board.

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Indian  Defence minister Rajnath Singh has said that had India Possessed Rafale Fighter jets Earlier the IAF would not have needed to enter Balakot in Pakistan  to Hit  the camps.

Addressing a poll rally Singh Defended Performing Shastra Puja  while taking delivery of the first Rafale jet in France 🇫🇷 Recently.

Had we possessed Rafale fighter jets we would not have required to enter Balakot and Launch a strike. We could have struck at Balakot while Sitting in India, he said.

Singh reiterated that the Fighter Planes were meant Only for Self-Defence and not for Aggression.

On a controversy surrounding the shastra puja, Singh said, I Wrote Om on the plane, broke a coconut (as per tradition). Om depicts Never-ending Universe.

I Acted as per my Faith. Even other communities like the Christian, Muslim, Sikh etc worship with words like Amen, Omkar etc. Even when I was performing Shastra Puja 🍋, People from communities like Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists were #Present at the event, he said.

At a ceremony in France on Tuesday, Singh formally Took the delivery of the First of the 36 Long awaited French made Aircraft acquired by the Indian Air Force. He also took a sortie in the 2 seater jet.

The Congress has accused Singh of #Drama over Performing Shastra Puja.

On his Rafale sortie, Singh said he had asked the flight captain to Fly at supersonic speed.

Only I and the captain, who was from Paris, were there inside the plane. I wanted to Experience the supersonic speed, he said.


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