Pakistani weightlifter Rabia Shahzad won gold medal at Hampshire.

Pakistani weightlifter Rabia Shahzad won gold medal at Hampshire.

BREAKING : Pakistan’s  Rabia Shahzad gets her 2nd Medal 🎖 over the weekend as the youngster Finished with a #Gold medal at the Hampshire 🇬🇧 Weightlifting Championship based on Sinclair Total ProudMoment ❤

She Got the Gold out of 9 Competitors in her group with 144.8 points. Sinclair total is based on Sinclair Coefficient that is the actual total multiplied by Sinclair Coefficient giving the Sinclair Total.

The #Method is Defined by the International Weightlifting Federation as, What would be the total of an athlete weighing x kg if he/she were an athlete in the heaviest class of the same level of ability ? It is given by the formula : ACTUAL TOTAL x SINCLAIR COEFFICIENT = SINCLAIR TOTAL.

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Rabia had Earlier gotten a silver medal at the Welsh Open in the 49kg event. She has Dropped her weight from 55kg category to 49kg now.

At Hampshire Championships she Lifted 40kg in snatch & 52kg in clean and jerk.

Rabia is Participating in the events abroad, on her Own, while the Pakistan Weightlifting Federation has supported her this time.

It is all Self-Financed but it is good to have moral support from the federation, said Rabia.

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