Moroo got exposed by Fazeelat Aslam for harassing her

Moroo got exposed by Fazeelat Aslam for harassing her.

Patriarchy, sexism, misogyny and male chauvinism are just some of the dominant traits of Pakistan’s society. Sadly, these are abnormalities that cannot be rid off so soon, considering how ingrained they are.

Harassment is just one of many results that are produced because of filth like patriarchy, sexism, so on and so forth. Most of the women, if not all, have been harassed by men at least once in their life. Every encounter scarring and emotionally traumatic.

Recently, several women exposed certain male YouTubers for sexually harassing them. Many screenshots of conversations circulated and social media served its verdict on whether it really was the case as suggested by the victims. Another famous YouTuber who goes by the name Mooroo has become quite controversial.

Fazeelat Aslam, who is a Los Angeles-based Filmmaker + Journalist collaborated with Mooroo and Faris Shafi for a music video quite sometime back has come forward exposing Mooroo. But before we dive into that, his recent statements on rape, molestation, and child abuse have baffled everyone.

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Taimoor Salahuddin AKA Mooroo justifies rape and molestation as ‘survival instincts’, with the help of Wikipedia!

These online celebrities need to understand the impact they hold onto their followers, fans, and people in general who view their content. Now whether his choice of words was wrong or whether he truly meant that raping and molesting is part of the survival game, is up to the readers.

Here’s the story he uploaded for better judgment!

The Wikipedia reference:

Taimoor’s credibility after some of his controversial statements have become shaky and Fazeelat’s revelation is just cherry on top, really.

Fazeelat chose to disclose her uncomfortable and offensive encounter with Mooroo for ger #FlashbackFriday story on Instagram!
As she praised the other artists, Faris Shafi for being respectful; she called out Mooroo for being a ‘fuckboi’.

She narrated how he insisted her to have a scene with him in the same bed, which she refused conveying her discomfort. According to her, she was called out for being unprofessional by him on refusing a bed scene and continued to receive passive-aggressive behavior from Mooroo.

She then discloses Taimoor’s statements regarding forced intercourse. According to her, he says that a man loses control once he is engaged in the activity and cannot stop even when a woman vocally asks him to.

Social media is definitely a double-edged sword. Anything and everything can be used against you. However, not everything is a lie and fabrication. Unfortunately, with women seeking revenge have made it hard for the real victims to emerge and seek help. Do you believe Fazeelat’s story to be true?

Let us know in the comment section below!


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Moroo got exposed by Fazeelat Aslam for harassing her