American lady accepted Islam & married Pakistani man

American lady accepted Islam & married Pakistani man.

BREAKING : US 🇺🇸 woman Happily Marries 💍 Pakistani 🇵🇰 man belonging from Khanpur.

The couple, Sheryar and Sheila decided to marry each other #After a year Long #Friendship on Facebook.

The wedding was commemorated in Khanpur after US citizen Sheila #Accepted Islam and her name was #Changed to Ayesha.

Sheila (Ayesha) told media that she met Sherry (Sheryar) on Facebook and further said : I am very pleased to be in Pakistan, it is a #Beautiful country. Its culture and people are so great and Friendly and Loveable.

Sheryar who is 24 years old said that the couple would soon #Settle in the US.

Sheila, 45, lives in Tennessee state of the US.

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