Apex legends coming to mobile to compete PUBG

Apex legends coming to mobile to compete PUBG.

As we come to know that apex legends coming to mobile to compete pubg .

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Apex legends vs pubg mobile online

Battle Royale-based video games have been trending all over lately ever since Fortnite rose to fame.

A lot of other companies hopped on the bandwagon following Fortnite’s success, with games like Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Battle Royale, Realm Royale, etc. But none of them could match up with the hype of Fortnite as much as the recently released Apex Legends.

Apex legends vs pubg mobile online

Apex Legends quickly became one of the hottest things in gaming thanks to being completely free just like Fortnite while also combining other elements like the ability to play as several characters with different abilities, much like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege.

And now, Apex’s publisher Electronic Arts (EA), in the latest conference, just confirmed that they’re bringing cross-platform play and a mobile version of the game.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson commented on the subject saying,

“”As I said earlier, we are looking at how to take the game to mobile and cross-play over time, and I also expect that this game will have tremendous value in Asia, and we’re in conversations about that””.

Though the game is already incredibly popular among battle royale lovers, it is clear from the statement that the company sees the value in cross-platforming and is more than likely going to result in a huge success for the game.

It makes sense too as PUBG (one of the first major battle royale games on PC) is arguably the most played battle royale game on mobile these days and Apex is much more popular than PUBG on non-mobile platforms.

Apex legends vs pubg mobile online

There are no details on what devices cross-platforming will come to or when.

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Apex legends coming to mobile to compete PUBG