Why Cheat India Full Movie Released.Watch Online

Why Cheat India Full Movie Released.Watch Online

The film starring Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhanwanthary and Snighdhadeep Chatterjee

takes up a subject that is novel and immediately strikes a chord with practically anyone in

India who has appeared for competitive exams.

As we all know, India is a country where clearing and scoring in competitive entrance

exams of one or the other institute is the ultimate litmus test of a person’s worth. For many

youngsters, it is the only shot at a decent life, so it is no surprise to see students buckle

under pressure and take extreme steps.

Set in Lucknow, Why Cheat India is based on several real-life incidents culled

from news reports about the rampant exam-cheating across India. The film gives us Rakesh

or Rocky Singh (Emraan Hashmi), an education-shark who preys upon the insecurities of

students under pressure and makes exam centers his happy hunting ground. It is also here

that he finds his young recruits that are the foundation of an impressive evil empire. Rakesh,

a medical entrance exam reject-turned-entrepreneur thus avenges his failure by loading the

dice against a faulty system. The film attempts to hold a mirror to how deep the rot has set in

and tries very hard to make a searing commentary on the state of education and lack of

opportunities in the country. Also, the film aims to showcase India’s entrepreneurial reality

at the ground level.

Rakesh tables questions that could well be one that several Indian students incredulously

ask themselves, but have no answer to—how can one entrance exam determine

their merit as students? What if they don’t clear the entrance exam?

The film’s other protagonist is Satyendra ‘Sattu’ Dubey ( Snighdadeep Chatterjee), one of

the many youngsters on whom is pinned his family’s hope for a secure future. Sent to Kota,

the IIT clearance capital of India for coaching Sattu is one among thousands of aspirants for

whom clearing the entrance exam for top league engineering college is a ticket to heaven.

A voiceover fills you in on Sattu’s background –he is the chosen one, being prepared to

pay off the education loan his father has taken. And of course, there is a sister to

be married off too. The stage is set. A young and impressionable Sattu clears the exams

and at least briefly, becomes a local hero. But Rocky has other plans for him.

Unfortunately, though Director Soumik Sen, who’s also the writer of the film, does better

than his last film Gulab Gang, he fails to turn all this wonderful material into a

compelling film. Why Cheat India’s Achilles heel is its inability to infuse a powerful premise with

the dramatic heft it required.

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