People showing hate towards Kubra khan’s behind the scene picture

People showing hate towards Kubra khan’s behind the scene picture

This picture of kubra khan is showing the photography of models but people start hating it.

The real picture of kubra khan which looks quite hot

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and here is the behind the scene picture of that shoot

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here are the comments of people about that picture

Insan picture k liyain kitna gir saktah hai , is the perfect caption for these photos

Well professional camera kitnay ka ata hy our han plz contact me for photoshots iam leaving Engenering from now..rite now

Chaloo uthoo ab ghar jaoo.😂😂

why tf people getting so offended? Maybe because these local males didn’t get a chance.

Dupata krly zalim .Q gandi nzrain khud p dalwa rai h

Upar janay k lye pehly nichy jana prta h .. harsh reality of this feild

and then girls like this raise me too issue and blaming men for harrasing…

موت کسی چھوٹے ، کسی بڑے ، کسی مالدار، کسی فقیر کو نہیں جانتی.
اور نہ ہی کسی خوبصورت اور بد صورت کو پہچانتی.
ہم سبکو اپنا زادہ راہ اور راحت کا سامان. تیار رکھنا چاہیے آخری اور حقیقی سفر کے لئے ….
پس بلا شبہ عمر گھٹ رہی ہے
اور زاد راہ کم ہے جبکہ سفر بہت لمبا ہے ۔۔۔!

اللھم انا نسئلك الحسن الخاتمہ …آمین

This type so called landy ki feminists are responsible for changing the women mentality which ultimately leads to disturbance in our society


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