Pakistani people reacts to kokokorina in a funny way

Pakistani people reacts to kokokorina in a funny way.

Pakistani people reacts to kokokorina in a funny way as everyone knows that coke studio released their song kokokorina in recent days

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people reacts to kokokorina


WTF, coke studio ko chutyapa samjha hua hai. Koi bhi mike pakar kar shuru ho jata hai.
Very Pathetic,
Ahad Raza Koi Sharam Hoti Hai Koi Haya Hoti Hai.

He and momina ruined the legendary song like a boss 😑😑

There should be a 7up studio too , for digesting this coke studio 🙄🙄


I am hell sure momina mustehssshahaehsan is even not a bathroom singer. Hats off to Parchi studio

This season was totaly dumb..
not a single song on repeat mode
N then come kolo korina

I thought after sending Voice notes I realised I have the worst voice in the world but o boy you are on another level ..Bullshit

 Dhinchak poja and tahir shah better than them 
 Ahad Raza mir esa lg rha hai k ga ga k bhek mang raha hai or momina us ka sth dy rahi hai bhek mangny me andhi ban k
Simple fr coke studio u dnt need awaz and raiyaz u need good looks and few fans lol….
 Coke studio is focussing more on making sensational singer jori and compromising on the quality of song
 Coke studio should change it’s name to Parchi studio.
PS: Also invite nasirkhan jan next time. Thank You
ahad raza is the best example of parchi.. initially in drama industry and now in coke studio
 Merit is no more!! both are sifarishi… coke studio is a parchi platform simply
 bera garq krna hi tha to kisi or song ka kr lety….seedha ko ko korina py hath dala
 Ek tu mujhy samjh my nhi ata tribute ky nam py chezon ka bera gharq karny ka rivaj aya khan sy hy.
sometimes when i sad i use to sing,then i realize my voice worst than my problems. but he is ..OMG

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