Mahira khan gives shuttup call to stupid trolls about breast cancer

Mahira khan gives shuttup call to stupid trolls about breast cancer

Mahira khan gives shuttup call to disgusting trolls about breast cancer !

Such nonsense people only show their sick mentality and their family background nothing else !

this was tweet by a random person on breast cancer

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mahira khan replied to that tweet

thoughts of people on that tweet and reply of mahira khan :

Breast cancer sirf khawateen ko nahi hota jahilooon doob maro kahi ja ker aisay aisay coments diey hain meray father breast cancer survivor hain jee meray bapp aik mard ko breast cancer huwa tha to kaan khol ker sun lo jahil awam jahil mardoon breast cancer mard ko bhi ho sakta hay is may breast feeding ya breast show kerna reason nahi hay its a disease it can happen to anyone 😡😡😡😡

It will take decades for the mentality change of our people regarding discussion of such topics with maturity and stop fascinating even about the health issues of female !

Yes.. This disease is found in 30’s and above age women. And people trolling her.. Sound no cool either. Yar khud pr guzregi toh ye coolness aur trolling ni kaam ayegi. Thank god.. My family was supportive and I could tell them


In men the incidence rate is negligible but it do happens while in females it’s the most the second most common cause of death after cervical cancer !Also start that as well !

Pathetic Thinking level 😡 If you call yourself #Men so please act like #Men 👍💪 Respect #Womenbecause they are more superior nd respectable than us and being a muslim and #Men its our responsibility to give them #Respect and #Protection ☺️😊
Mard Baano Bandar Nahi 🐒😉


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