10 things to be cleared about shia’s

10 things to be cleared about shia’s

September 19, 2018 1 By admin

10 things to be cleared about shia’s

10 things to be cleared about shia’s as you can say about fiqah e jafferia.

shiyo ka kehna ha k hm apny juices wagera ma koi blood wagera mix ni krty ye sb sirf batai bni hoi ha aur in ma koi sachai ni hai so bagair tasdek k in bato ko sach mat samjha jaye

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is ma shiyo ka kehna ha k hm matam k doran ya in dino ma kisi b horse ko zahmi ni krty .horse pr sirf kapra dala jata ha jis pr laal rang hota ha jo k khoon ki nishani samjha jata ha is liye galt mat samjh jaye

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jo shiye alam e abbas jo chomty ha is k bary ma unka kehna ha k wo isy sirf chumty ha iski puja ya ibadat ni karty wo usy sirf akedat k tor pr chomty aur mhbt ka izhar krty ha aur is k ilava inka koi aur maksad ni hota is k pechy aur na he wo din ma 5 sy kum ya zayda namaza parhty ha..wo b tamam muslims ki trha 5 namazay he parhty ha din ma.

unka kehna ha k hum usi Quran ko follow krty ha jo k baki muslims krty aur isma koi shaq ni k QURAN aik sachi kitab ha jo ALLAH ki tarf sy Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w pr nazil hoi

sham e gariba k bary ma bht he galt soch pai jati ha logo k ma jis k bary ma shiyo ka kehna ha k hm is sham ko koi haram ya galt kam ni krty aur jo batai logo ma glt philai gye ha wo sb mafrozo pr mabni ha ur un ma zara b sachai ni ha

unka kehna ha k wo b bht sa blood donate krty ha

unka mazeed kehna ha k bht sy log majalis pr bayaan daity ha aur kch log nafrat b philaty ha aur un sy hamara koi taluq ni aur logo sy b request ha k wo b unki bato ko dil pr na ly


thoughts of sunni’s on this remarks of shia’s

We don’t have any problems with your sect, what ever you are doing are your deeds, We don’t have any problem if you people wounding yourself, your kids, or pray 5 times or 3 times. you have to be answerable to all mighty Allah.
We have only two issues which you people have to address.
1st most of your clerics use bed words for sahaba e rasool s.a.w which is totally not acceptable to us and 2nd is why you people are closing roads before and after and on 9 and 10 muharam? Why not these specific gatherings held out side the city? Govt should make some ground out of the cities for all political and religious activities.

Shia’s remember imam Hussain they way they should be and unfortunately sunnis mostly lack this spirit. On the other hand Shia’s have issues regarding sahaba knowing that mola Ali respected the sahaba a lot and never had hatred toward any man. Sahaba were not like us arguing over religion rather the ones to act on. Unfortunately both sects know where they are wrong and right but no one would admit. It’s High time people realize to free themselves from the chain of sectarianism and think everything logically and with their conscience.