PM Imran Khan Sale Luxury Cars

PM Imran Khan Sale Luxury Cars

September 7, 2018 0 By admin

PM Imran Khan Sale Luxury Cars

 As many as 102 luxury cars will be up for auction on September 17 at the Prime Minister’s Office under

the austerity campaign of the PTI government.

jisa ka imran khan ny pehly he kaha tha meri dor hakmat main koi b fazool

kam nai kea jaye ga. jo fazool kam pechali govt ny kea woo PTI ki govt nai kery gi.

102  car jo muslim leage nawz ka dor main le gia the woo sab luxury cars ko imran khan

17 september ko PM house main sale ker rahy hain.

According to the latest advertisement, the fleet for auction includes 27 bullet-proof vehicles, several

latest models of non-protected cars as well as vintage models.

Potential buyers can inspect the vehicles on September 13-14 at the Prime Minister’s House during

office hours, according to the advertisement.

zaraye ka kehna ha ka in 102 cars main se 27 built-proof cars hain jin ki prise

crore main ha. jab ham ny pta kerwye to aik luxary car ki kameet 17 crore ha aur yeah sab

cars built-proof cars hain.

Imran Khan in his maiden address to the nation after assuming office had announced a build-proof cars

to help Treasury shortfalls.

“I want to tell my people, I will live a simple life, I will save your money,” he said.

“We will auction the vehicles. Businessmen will be invited to purchase these expensive vehicles.

The money will be deposited in the national exchequer.”