Bridge collapse in ITALY – 30 people died

Bridge collapse in ITALY – 30 people died

italy bridge collapse. As you know that Bridge collapses in GENOA the city of  ITALY and more then  30 people died in the incident and 50 plus people are injured in this incident.


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As we know that the structure was badly built since the 90’s, and yet nothing was done to prevent this from happening.

They say the bridge was under constant monitoring, and yet none of them saw this coming: that either means they lack the skills to do their job, or they knew and kept it hidden, to avoid closing it and losing money (the highway isn’t free here).

There was no earthquake, no extreme weather, just a summer storm like every other. Now they try to blame it on a lightning hitting the bridge, as if it wasn’t their fault for not making the structure safe.

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We’ve seen this so many times before, the only difference is that this is a much larger bridge with many more casualties.

I’m tired of hearing excuses, people trying to put the blame on anything other than themselves. They are making tons of money with highway tolls, and yet they are not spending it for its upkeep.


Like the bridge in the US Interstate a few yrs ago, this latest incident should be sending an alarm to all bridge authorities around the world to step up on the inspection of all old bridges that may not be able to cope with modern day traffic volume.

It is an old bridge built in ’60s, with 60’s project, materials, and capacity of traffic of 60’s. But it is the main and only route bridge that crosses Genoa and west Italy. Works of maintenance were ongoing in the area of fallen junction and the area.

It’s a sad thing that has happened.People all over esp politicians have to take step backward and concentrate on their own country and their own people instead of all the time talk abt sanctioning one country or the other or toppling someone.Infrastructure has taken a beating everywhere,so much money is being spent on arms and ammunition which can be better utilised somewhere else.U don’t interfere in other countries ,then there will be no refugee crisis ,no desperate immigration.

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ITALY Bridge collapse - 30 people died