Reham khan trolled by ZAID ALI on twitter

Reham khan trolled by ZAID ALI on twitter.

Reham khan trolled by ZAID ALI on twitter . Reham khan tweeted about drugs and pakistan and ZAID ALI replied her on twiiter and pakistani people are loving it.


zaid ALI replied twice to a same tweet of REHAM khan.

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As you know that everyone hates reham khan and love zaid ali in pakistan so after such replies of zaid ali everyone is showing love for zaid ali.

here are some comments by people of pakistani on such tweet and replies.

1 … If Pakistan comes first what’s she doin in .. England??🤣🤣 

2 … What was purpose behind book?
Aim achievd? What did she get?
(Bechari sara din negative news tlash kr kr k tweet krti rehti hai at least we should appreciate it, bcz itni zlalt k liye bhi himt chahye)

3 … And if he (imran khan )is a cheater or like flirter so why he choose old age women widower or divorced he can easily marry a teen aged girl …

4 …  Waise i think pml N can defend all the wrong decisions they took in last 30 yrs but IK wont b able to def his decision of marrying IT (used for things). I think she should base her agenda on that if he can make such wrong decision how can he run this country wrna tu nothing going her way untill now

5 … Ahh but isn’t zaid already married but still wondering about not ending up with someone twice his age

6 … She got married to Imran Khan just to take over his party, and when IK got idea of her plan he partway that’s it…. it’s her failure & she now trying to defame him to get revenge

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  • February 9, 2019 at 2:08 am

    This is very useful! I’m glad I read your post as it’s better than similar posts I’ve read from most other bloggers on this subject. Is it okay if I ask you to clarify some things? Maybe write an additional example? Thank you 🙂


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Reham khan trolled by ZAID ALI on twitter