Israel under ATTACK as ROCKETS launched from Gaza Strip, hitting SCHOOL

Israel under ATTACK as ROCKETS launched from Gaza Strip, hitting SCHOOL

israel attack as rocket launched in gaza school, one of the favorite actor ask in tweet


A barrage of 25 mortar shells from the Gaza Strip was launched at Israeli border

communities and sent people desperately running for cover, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) have confirmed.

Palestine commentator and journalist Omar Ghraieb said: “Nearly 15 explosions just rocked

Gaza and I have no idea what’s happening.”

One of the rockets landed in the yard of a kindergarten, but no children were present at the time.

IDF said some of the missiles were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome defence system.

The IDF tweeted: “Following reports of sirens that sounded earlier this morning, a barrage of projectiles were identified from the Gaza Strip at a number of locations in Israel.

The IDF responded to the missile barrage with artillery fire against Hamas outposts in the Strip, according to reports.

At least two projectiles fell into open areas in two communities in Israel’s Eshkol region in the south.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or damages following the incident.

The news comes less than 12 hours after Palestinians in the Gaza Strip opened fire with a machine gun at the southern Israeli town of Sderot.

This attack also caused no injuries.

It follows weeks of tension in the Gaza Strip since the weekly “Great March of Return” demonstrations kicked off on March 30.

More than 100 Palestinians were killed and more than 13,000 injured during border protests.

Israeli Defence Forces have been accused of deadly and heavy-handed tactics, while Israeli

officials claimed they were merely defending the border from Hamas terrorists.


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