SABA QAMAR vulgar pictures goes viral

SABA QAMAR vulgar pictures goes viral

SABA QAMAR vulgar pictures goes viral. As you know she is one of the best actor in lollywood industry but these pics are not good for her reputation.

alaso read :

The cigrate in hand and that vulgur dressing is looking so bad that everyone is hating this.

she should have wear something good or must use bra.

but now these pics are gone viral on facebook and other social networking sites.

only tharkis loved these pics bcs all what they want is clearly visible in these pics.

the reaction on these pics is totally different by gender.

boys are loving these pics  due to vulgarity

but girls are hating these pics and cursing SABA QAMAR for her dressing.

some people also called it as a “cheap publicity stunt”

but as far as pakistani everyone is just hating these pics and want them to be removed from facebook.

and also hoped that she will be careful next time while having any shoot.

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SABA QAMAR vulgar pictures goes viral