FRANCE won the fifa world cup 2018 FINAL

FRANCE won the fifa world cup 2018 FINAL

July 15, 2018 2 By admin

FRANCE won the fifa world cup 2018

FRANCE won the fifa world cup 2018. Hera are the results and the summary of final match of 2018 fifa world cup.

france won the match by 4-2

FRANCE VS CROATIA the final begins and then FRANCE scored the first very quickly

and then after short time CROATia draw the score by scoring a quick goal in 2018 fifa world cup.

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the FRance scored another goal and its 2-1 till first half.

People are now looking forward towards FIFA WORLD CUP 2022.


  1. It’s France Vs Croatia . Will be on Croatia side today for their confidence and hardworking spirit.. Waiting to watch them lifting the golden globe.

    2. Honestly it’s Croatia vs France World Cup final. Still talking about England on the bbc!!!

    3. Dear France, Bring it home. The enemy of my Enemy is my Friend. You beat Argentina, it’s the least I can Do. Croatia, If you win I will still claim you.

    4. So far been luck vs passion. France been extremely lucky to be in the lead but love the way Croatia is playing with passion.

    5. Croatia the clear underdogs vs arguably the most talented & strongest squads in the entire WC, and France’s only shot in target in the first 45mins of the final was a penalty.

    AND FRANCE scored another goal and its 3-1 NOW

    FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 will be more interesting and world cup schedule will be announced soon.

    FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 GROUPS were interesting and everyone had to work hard to win the matches and qualify for next round.