Kalsoom Nawaz Dead or Alive in London

Kalsoom Nawaz Dead or Alive in London

June 23, 2018 4 By admin

Kalsoom Nawaz Dead or Alive in London

Everybody knows that kalsoom nawaz is in London hospital.the people can’t knows

she is alive are dead.recently nawaz shareef in your interview says that kalsoom nawaz condion

is very bad she is on ventilator .

TV news says that kalsoom nawaz has been dead, the shareef family can’t show this news

in tv channel before when the elections is comming.

shareef family mafia ki tarf se aik aur bura kaam yeah log apko aik br phr se dokha dy rhy hain.

boht se logo kaa kehna ha kalsoom nawaz 4 din pehly he wafat paa gai ha yeah sab shareef

family ki aik dokha ha election jeetny k.

logo k kehna ha kalsoom nawaz  ki khabar ko us waqat tv walo k samny laye jaye ga jab

election pass ho gy ta k is moot k sae se fidha uthya ja sky, aur election jeet sky.

yaad rahay:

Begum Nawaz, as her last political activity pushed forward, contested NA-120 by-election from

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and came forth victorious with 61,745 votes while

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) Dr. Yasmin Rashid remained the runner-up with

47,099 votes in the by elections of 2017. A very tough and controversial competition was observed

between Begum Kalsoom Nawaz and Dr. Yasmin Rashid.

is pic ma b ap dekh skty han maryam nawaz kisy roty hoye hospital s bhr nikl rahi hain.

jab tv chennal walo ny sawal kea to maryam nawaz roti hoi bagir jawab daa chele gai.

Both Nawaz Sharif and Maryam have been exempted on Tuesday, 19 June 2018, from

corruption hearings against them for the next four days. Another benefit of this tragic

situation of Begum Nawaz is that her family is most likely to get political favours and legal leniency.