Argentina out of world cup - bad day for Messi

Argentina out of world cup – bad day for Messi

Argentina out of world cup – bad day for Messi

Argentina out of world cup – bad day for Messi. AS you know that Argentina lost to FRANCE in knockout match.

You know, sometimes, I hate myself. There comes a moment when I want to troll Leo Messi so hard because of his fans, but when I see him suffering this way, I swear I get upset too.

Head up, Champion. You’ll come back, that’s what the Champions do. 

Sampaoli (Argentina coach): “I am responsible for making the decisions. I did not read the game well. We have not found the best team to accompany Messi.”

I wish you realised this earlier as everyone know that now there is no chance for Argentina in world cup.

Here are some facts that we should keep in our mind before blaiming MESSI for the defeat..

Messi deserved everything . I am so lost I cannot even talk. I just feel so bad for Messi. I can’t even imagine what he has to go through because of his teammates and specially the coach. Forca Leo! You don’t deserve this and we all know this.

Modrić: “Messi is an exceptional footballer, but he can not do everything by himself. In football, In football, you need help from your teammates.”

None of the Argentina players gave Messi more than 2 passes in the first 45″

As everyone knows that it was very important match for the argentina so MESSI and his team has to perform but they failed and the whole world is criticing only to MESSI and thats very unfair for him.

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