Perfectly timed photos with nature

Perfectly timed photos with nature

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Perfectly timed photos with nature

Perfectly timed photos with nature

A lot of these answers may be perfectly timed, but there can only be one “most perfectly timed”

photo ever, and it is this one:

Of all the amazing cities in Italy, there is something truly enchanting about the sunlit canals of venice.

The beautiful sun shine the girl enjoyed the weather and beautiful beach.

you can see this flower that is a beautiful view of nature.

The southern coast of Portugal is lined with exquisite beaches and caves, including the famous Sea Cave (skylight,and sunlight included).

There’s a reason why more than 5 million people visit the grand every year

It’s one of the seven natural wonders of the world, but a lot easier to access than MountEverest

or the Great Barrier Reef.

Boht se picture asi hoti ha jis ko dekh k Dil khush aur face pr muskhrit se a jati ha.

yeah sab qudrat k haseed nazary ha jo dil main bass jaty han.

The beauties of nature are the greatest gifts of God to man.

How unlucky are they who cannot enjoy and appreciate nature. Nature is all around us in

varied aspects and shapes. We have the green charming hills,

ten snow-capped mountains, and the rising and setting sun in its varied and unforgettable glory.

The dew drops on the blades of grass look like iridescent pearls.

The silvery moon and the twinkling stars bedeck the sky.

The roaring waves in the vast ocean and the lakes which look like sheets of water add to the glorious treasure.

Nature refers to the physical world and all forms of life species on earth in general.

Our natural ecosystem is the community of biotic and abiotic components.

The biotic components are the living organisms that also include humans.

Abiotic components are the non-living components such as air, water, minerals and soil.