Chief justice takes notice on kala Bagh dam issue

Chief justice takes notice on kala Bagh dam issue

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Chief justice takes notice on kala Bagh dam issue,chief justice asked if we can’t give water to

our children then what we give them else.

chief justices k iss bayan ny hamari soi hoi qom ko utha dia. Every person can talk about kala

bagh dam.

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Congr..!! to our pakistani awam our cheif justics main saqib nasar give the notice on kala bagh dam.

On June 7, the Supreme Court will hear cases regarding water shortage in the capital,

while the apex court’s Karachi and Lahore registries will hold hearings on June 9 and 10, respectively.

The chief justice will also hear cases related to water issues in the Peshawar and Quetta registries.

Cheif justics ny 32 ,32 years porna cases nikal lea.

inshallah the dam will constract as soon as INSHALLAH.

Cheif justics ny kaha next week se ham kala bagh dam banany k notice jari kr dy,and that is a great news

for our pakistan. Justice Nisar was heading a three-member SC bench that was hearing a 20-year-old

petition filed by Barrister Zafarullah, a senior lawyer from Lahore, concerning the Kalabagh dam.

He had argued that 20 per cent of Pakistan’s growth rate depended on water supply,

yet no dam had been built in the country for the past 48 years.

I humble request to all friends and fellows please keep supports about kala bagh dam, and I hope

one day inshallah the work will b start on kala bagh dam.

Keep support Pakistan

& Also

keep support Kala Bagh Dam.

Pakistan Zinda Baad.

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Chief justice takes notice on kala Bagh dam issue