First underwater wedding shot and it goes viral

First underwater wedding shot and it goes viral

First underwater wedding shot and it goes viral

First underwater wedding shot and it goes viral. here are some pics of that  shot.

Couple of the year… joo under water wedding ko pasand krty han.

yeah anokha kam india main hoa, 1th under  waterwedding 2o08 ma Mumbai main hoi.

also read :

In a unique wedding ceremony, an Indian groom and his Slovakian bride today exchanged

wedding vows under the sea just off the coast of nearby Kovalam today.

A small podium was made under the sea where the couple could stand and perform the

ceremony, Jackson, one of the managing partners of Bond Safari, Kovalam, which

organised the wedding, said.

After first underwater wedding,Indai ma ab Rawaj ban gya ha underwater wedding ko.

india ma har insan k yeah dream ban gya ha k woo underwater wedding kery aur boht se log

kr rahy hain aisa.

ab yeah sab kuch india ki films ma b ho raha ha. indian films ma underwater wedding k

role zayda se zayda ho rahay han. boht se log in role ko pasand krty han aur apni real

life ma experiment kerty han

Hollywood ki films ma b yeah wedding boht common hogai ha. boht se couple underwater wedding

ko passand krty han,aur is wedding ko kafi enjoy krty han.

The couple– Nikil Pawar from Maharashtra and Eunika Pogran– in their wedding attire and scuba gear exchanged rings and specially designed garlands made of shells undersea in a brief ceremony.

Hollywood ki romantic type movies to ap ny boht dekhi hoge underwater lekin ab india main b

yeah movie ban rahi han

23-year-old Eunika, a Slovakian, and her fiancé Nikhil Pawar, a Maharashtrian, dressed in the

perfect wedding suits under a diving gear just got married under the waters of the Arabian sea.



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