inside view of khana ka’aba

inside view of khana ka’aba

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inside view of khana ka’aba

inside view of khana ka’aba. here are some pics that shows the inside structure of HOLY KAABA..


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Ka’abah used to be an empty room. There were pictures and idols in and around it till tenth year of Hijrah.

In 10 Hijrah, ten years after Muhammad’s and his companions migration to Madina, he

and companions returned and conquered Makkah with zero head count and zero bloodshed.

Ka’abah was emptied at that point and stayed that way for centuries.

Nowadays, there are some ancient glass ornaments, chandeliers from Turkey,

gold adorned pillar decoration inside the Ka’abah. You can watch the interior in detail on YouTube when

the Saudi King goes in to wash the interior once a year.

This is a popular video showing the interior in detail. Ka’abah is not the stones, the cover, the gold,

the pillars, the ornaments…..No! That is it!

Lastly you’ll find 3 different anchor that stands firmly in the kaaba it’s made from the best wood &

coated with pure gold.

This is what it looks like now. However, it has been restored many times by now.

So this is not what it looked like when the Prophet (before he’d became a prophet) restored it.

It is basically a house.he took out the idols and walls were painted with pagan gods

as well as images of Abraham

and Mary and Jesus. At first, the three images were left there, but later, they were all erased.

you probably noticed this box,it’s contains a lot type of perfume that is mixed with Amin’s water that is

used to wash the kaaba with from the inside.

The ceremony of cleaning the Holy Kaaba was carried out on Monday by Makkah

Emir Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. The ceremony is part of the tradition set by Prophet Muhammad.

Prince Khaled and the accompanying dignitaries cleaned the inside walls of the Kaaba

using cloths dipped in Zamzam water mixed with Oud perfume, which are then used to wash the interior walls.

Preparations for the washing start a day before the agreed date, with the mixing of

Zamzam water with Tayef rose, oud and other luxurious perfumes.

Towels were used to wipe the walls of the Kaaba, and after the guests leave its hall,

its floor covered with washed marble, will be processed.

Zamzam water mixed with rose perfume is splashed on the floor and was wiped with bare hands

and palm leaves.

Usually, the entire process is completed in two hours. The interior walls of the

Kaaba are three meters long and the inner surface of the roof is covered with green silk.


And i ask Allah to bless give the chance to anyone that read this thread to see and touch your holly kaaba with their loved onces.