World’s first inventions

World’s first inventions

May 22, 2018 0 By admin

World’s first inventions

World’s first inventions. Here is the list of World’s first inventions.

  1. Its the world first Helicopter as you can see its looks quite awkward and different from latest helicopters.


2. Refrigerator is the most useful thing we have now a we have a picture of World’s first refrigerator

3. Trains  plays vital role in the traveling life. so take a look at World’s first engine train

4. x-ray is the best approach towards medical field so we have got the picture of World’s first X-ray.

5. World’s first inventions towards the entertainment industry..the World’s first movie theater

6. Artificial intelligence is the most important field now a we have the picture of World’s first Robot.

7. Telephone is the most important tools to play vital role in communication. so lets check out the World’s first Telephone.

8. After the success of motor bikes they invented the car..Here we have World’s first car

10. The progress towards sports also takes place and here we have the World’s first soccer ball..AHH it looks so awkward to hold this ball.


10. music industry is also very important for us so there were also number of inventions take place for this we have the World’s first guitar.

11. There were so many wars take place in this world including world wars.So guns were very important and here we have the image of the World’s first machine gun which may killed so many number of people.

12. Talking about pictures and did not consider a World’s first camera then thats not fair.. so here we have the picture of World’s first camera..Dont be panic.. World’s second camera took the pic of this camera