Mahira khan on red carpet – cannes

Mahira khan on red carpet – cannes

May 15, 2018 0 By admin

Mahira khan on red carpet – cannes  

mahira khan on red carpet – cannes 2018 . she was looking amazing..just look at these pics.

as she was looking so beautiful on red carpet of  cannes 2018 event.

looking for more pics of beautiful mahira khan ? okay then have a look at this one.

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Mahira khan is one of the most famous lady of pakistan and also so much popular in india and now she is moving towards hollywood.she is having a great time on red carpet – cannes 2018

“There are many, many facets to Pakistan, and for people… like me – musicians, artists, actors, writers – to go out and travel abroad… it just gives other people a better understanding of who we are,” she said.

For many, Khan – an actor, divorcee and single-mother – is part of a small, liberal section of our society, which has for years been beset by attempts to popoularise a strict interpretation of Islamic law.

Violence against women is high, and those who push feminist ideals often face a barrage of abuse and are portrayed as being infected with western ideas and modern thoughts.

But for Khan, who in one of her most recent films Verna played a rape victim, the experience of daily struggles as Pakistani women is a meeting point.

“Do I appeal to the masses? Yes I do. I believe I do. Is every woman in Pakistan me? No. But is every woman in Pakistan, is she, sort of like me? Yes,” stated Mahira.

This year marks the first festival in Cannes since the MeToo movement – which demands greater respect for and representation of women – rolled into action when a series of sexual harassment allegations shocked the global movie industry.